Officer Edward Nero Acquitted In The Freddie Gray Case!

  NOT SURPRISED! So remember when a series of riots erupted in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody? Well, one of the police officers who was said to have been involved in his death has been found not guilty on all charges that were against him. Nero

My Thoughts On Chance the Rapper’s Mixtape Titled “Coloring Book!”

  READ MORE BELOW! I finally have gotten a chance to sit down and listen to Chance’s latest mixtape and give my commentary. Now I have been a fan of Chance the Rapper ever since I heard his song “Hey Ma.” The Chicago native is now buzzing on all types of social

The City Of Cleveland Will Pay $6 Million To Settle Family Lawsuit Of Tamir Rice!

  EXCLUSIVE DETAILS BELOW! The city of Cleveland agrees to pay $6 million dollars to settle a lawsuit filed by the relatives of Tamir Rice. Rice was a 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed by police in 2014. Cleveland will pay $3 million this year and $3 million next year to complete

N.W.A. Gets Inducted Into The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame!

  WELL DESERVED! The world’s most dangerous rap group has finally been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The group was inducted on Friday, April 8th at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The ex-bandmates were reunited on stage along with Eazy-E’s mother, Kathie Wright, who accepted the award on behalf of