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A Repeat Of History



A few weeks ago the media covered the riots in Baltimore due to the death of Freddie Gray. There was constant media coverage of buildings burning, stealing, and attacks on Baltimore Police Department and its property. However, there was hardly any coverage on the peaceful protesting in the Baltimore area and African-Americans speaking out against the destruction and violence in the city. Protestors were called thugs and criminals even by the president himself. However, President Obama did speak briefly on the peaceful riots in his speech; I find his term of the protestors a little harsh. I think this was the climax of the anger African-Americans have toward America and its law regarding the lives of young black men and women. If one thinks about all the peaceful protesting blacks, have done over the decades such as The Civil Rights Movement, forming of the Black Panthers Party, and the NAACP; we have been peaceful protesting for years. The lives of my people have not been taken seriously by America. There are still African-American men and women being wrongfully killed by officers and Caucasian males, yet seldom is done. How many marches do we have to continue before we gain equality in this country? I do understand that the violence was harmful and caused damage to property in the city. But let’s face it black people are simply fed up. Trayvon Martin’s killer was found not guilty. Michael Brown’s killer didn’t even face charges. Eric Garner’s killer’s ended up walking free, and now Freddie Gray’s killers still haven’t been charged. However, I could be wrong but due to the lack of justice not being served to the previous deaths, I doubt the officers will be levied. The term thugs and criminals don’t fit the protestors because I saw the sadness and hurt of the rioters who faced off with news media and officers. They are angry because the police are supposed to protect them. There have been more killings of African-American men then there has been protection. There has been a lot of racial profiling by police toward black men, and this stems from years ago. Back in 1992, Rodney King was almost beaten to death by police officers for driving drunk. Had this been any other race they probably would have just arrested him. The police officers were caught on tape, and yet they were still found not guilty. Could having a badge mean giving police officers the right to bully? I have to remind myself that America was not built for African-American people; we were simply sent here to work for rich Caucasian men. About 400 years of black people being tortured, bullied, killed, tormented, and thrown in jail all due to the color of their skin. History can repeat itself, and we are still fighting the same battle we were fighting back when Dr. King himself was alive. No this was not the work of thugs and criminals, this is simply the work of build up frustration and anger. As much as I would like to feel sorry for property being damaged, I still have to deal with the fact that another African-American mother had to bury her son, and she is still trying to find answers as to why. “Please wake me when I’m free. I cannot bear captivity, where my culture I’m told holds no significance. I’ll wither and die in ignorance.” –Tupac Shakur






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