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Yummy Pearl Is Her Name



Yummy Pearl is a talented female rapper, singer and songwriter emerging out of Atlanta. When it comes to her music, she is versatile which sets her apart from other artists who tend only to focus on one specific talent while she has several. Her style is edgy and unique which not only attracts people to her but her music as well. I discovered Yummy Pearl’s music while I was browsing around on Instagram for new Atlanta artists to write about. When I went on her Instagram page, I was impressed by how much time, effort, and creativity she puts into her music. The first song I heard from her was “Pop Ya” and when I finished listening to the song I said to myself that this girl has talent. She can rap, and her music just puts you in the mood to dance. After seeing a couple of her music videos such as “Make it Purr” and “On Top,” I instantly knew that she had exactly what it took to make a name for herself. Looks and talent go hand in hand and what major label doesn’t want that? Yummy has over 3,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 80,000 followers on Instagram. Her popularity is reaching massive levels and gaining attention from music lovers everywhere. People defiantly need to watch out for Yummy Pearl. This girl is on the rise to becoming a well-known musician in the music industry.






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