The battle is not done. For many years, The Freedom Movement has affected the lives of many African-American citizens in the United States. The Freedom Movement emerged with a series of boycotts and peaceful protest against segregated places in the South. Between 1950 and 1970, many Atlanta African-American protestors developed strategies to increase African-American voting power and access to segregated racial facilities such as schools.

According to writer Clarissa Myrick- Harris, Atlanta is known as the “cradle of the civil rights movement.” Many social issues affect African-American students in modern times while on campuses. Many students have experienced racial segregation at universities or other public places. A lot of these social issues occur in Southern states at predominantly white institutions.

Many students at Georgia Perimeter College don’t experience this racial divide. However, from watching the news and reading stories on current events such as the racial chant shouted by a fraternity group saying “There will never be an N-word in Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.” Which took place at the University of Oklahoma. Many students of different ethnic groups at Georgia Perimeter College wonder are we completely free or are we still fighting the same battle we did over 40 years ago?

Two students feel as though the movement has had a major impact on their lives. Chelsea Brown and Tajee Houston gave their response on what freedom is and what it means to them? Student Chelsea Brown stated that “Freedom is a God- given right to all people not just African-American.” She also stated “Freedom is not worrying about being judged because of race, sexuality or religion. Freedom is equality with every human being and self-expression.”

Georgia Perimeter College is a school known for its racial diversity. Therefore there is not much of the Freedom Movement spilling onto campus. There are 31.1 percent Caucasian, 42.2 percent African-American, 10 percent Hispanic and 11.5 percent Asian. This shows major diversity among students.

Georgia Perimeter College student, Tajee Houston believes freedom is important for all in today’s society because no one should live in society where they are controlled or separated. She quotes “As people, we are all one.” Georgia Perimeter College provides racial, sexual preference, and religious equality to all students and staff. As a school, we have come a long way but as a country, we still have many ways to go.


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