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Should The Confederate Flag Be Taken Down?



Now there has been many questions raised on whether the Confederate flag should be taken down in South Carolina. There have been rallies of people for and against the flag all over the nation. Personally, I am against the flag for several reasons. Some white supremacists may say that the flag is a representation of the South. However, I believe the Confederate flag represents racism, bigotry, and violence. There was even an African-American woman who climbed the flag post in South Carolina and removed the flag. She was later arrested, and the flag was quickly put back up.

I do not believe that the Confederate flag represents the South or the United States in a positive light. I don’t understand why it is still up knowing the harsh history behind the flag and what it stands for. There is a decision to be made. Should the Confederate flag be taken down in South Carolina? Leave a comment below. Also, check out this video on Worldstarhiphop on a rally against the flag.







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