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The Girl With The Bravest Heart!



As a human race, we often take things for granted in life. We don’t stop and appreciate simple treasures such as walking or waking up to a new day. The girl with the bravest heart has overcome many obstacles that most adults wouldn’t even be able to handle. Karell Russell is a high school student who has made a noble impact on the lives of others around her who suffer from disabilities. People are often surprised to meet people with certain disabilities that are continuously happy despite their setback.

Born Feb. 24, 1999, in Brooklyn. Karell now resides in Georgia with her parents. What makes Karell so interesting is that she has not let her disability stop her from succeeding in school and joining extracurricular activities. Karell attends Luella High School and has a GPA of a 3.0.

Mr. and Miss Russell are extremely proud of their daughter. Miss Russell states, “I feel like Karell’s success in school is the greatest gift you could ask for from your youngest and only daughter.”Karell suffers from a disability that makes it hard for her to walk on her own. This has affected her life ever since she was in pre-school. Karell was often teased as a young child but still strive to fit in with her peers at school.

 How does one stay happy after being physically challenged nearly all their life? Some may spiral down into a deep depression and struggle to get through the day. However, Karell has managed to live every day as if it were her last. She joined her school’s junior varsity wheelchair basketball team and they received first place for this year’s championship. Her teammates enjoy having her around, and they always work together in practice and game time.

Karell’s talents are endless, and she enjoys performing at school whether it be singing, acting or painting. So much incredible talent from someone who people look at as different. For her 16th birthday, her parent’s surprised her with concert tickets to her favorite artist concert, Chris Brown. Karell even got a chance to meet Mr. Brown backstage before showtime.

At an early age, Karell found out that she has had to develop tough skin. She quotes “No matter what you must love the life God gives to you and make the best of it.” She is far from giving up on her dreams. Karell inspires one day to become either an actress, singer, songwriter or model. Interviewing Karrell was exciting.

Not many people or publications know of Karell’s story other than her family, friends, and teachers at school. She hopes that one day she will be able to tell her story to the entire world. She ended her interview with a quote she always tells herself when feeling down, “Anything is possible, and perfection is overrated, love yourself and be yourself.” God bless the girl with the bravest heart.



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