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An African-American Hero!



Zaevion Dobson is the true definition of what it means to sacrifice your life. The 15-year-old jumped on top of three young women to shield them from gun bullets. According to, shots were fired by gang members. Zaevion was a football player and a mentor to his peers. His coach, Rob Black said that he was liked by teachers and students at Fulton High School.

Zaevion’s brother Zach held him in his arms just moments before he took his last breath. The three young women are safe. One of the gang member’s Brandon Perry who was involved in the shooting was killed later that day. The shooting started when someone fired into Brandon’s home, so he retaliated but lost his life in the end as well.

President Obama spoke on his behalf and called Zaevion a hero. He dreamed of becoming a football player in the NFL or a coach. The other two men suspected to be involved in his death was identified to be George M. Rashaad and Kipling D. Colbert Jr. Sources say that his funeral will be held the day after Christmas.

I shed tears as I write this story. A young black man gave his life for three women. The amount of courage it must have taken to protect them. Sadly, gang violence was his cause of death. How many more? A mother sonless, a brother brotherless and now Zaevion is lifeless. Due to his bravery, his life will forever be celebrated by those who loved him the most. Truly a hero but we must stop black on black violence.

Fly High! Forever Rest in Paradise!


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