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Do People Discredit Artists And Their Music Due To Their Past?


Music is a form of art. It’s how people express themselves. Musicians often tell their life story through their music. So what happens when their music is being discredited because of their personal life? This is a judgmental world. Many people don’t want to give credit even though credit is due. I wrote this to say that just because an artist may make mistakes and certain choices in their personal life do not mean that their music should suffer.

Try to think from a different perspective. Yes, being famous comes with a price. But let’s face it everyone is human. Celebrities eat and sleep like everyone else. Stop trying to demonize people. There are those who have skeletons in their closet but try to downplay their sins by comparing them to the sins and mistakes of others.

I’m not with the hype. I appreciate good music. Actors, athletes, and comedians also have had to suffer from major backlash from the public due to something that they did many years ago. Such as Michael Vick, Bill Cosby and Kobe Bryant. Michael Vick killed animals and society wanted to throw him under the jail. However, they don’t want to indict police officers who kill innocent people. Even Michal Jackson was judged from the media and public.

Granted they still get recognition for their talent but tabloids, gossip sites, and television shows will bring up their criminal cases each time. Music critics will slander an album all because of what the artist did instead of focusing on the music itself. I believe people have to pay for their actions but should their work suffer?

 People in society love to play God! Once a person pays their debt to society whatever else they did is between them and God. It’s easier to point the finger when your demons aren’t exposed. Some of my favorite musicians have committed crimes, but that doesn’t stop me from listening and buying their music. It was their talent that drew me in not their criminal cases. Give people the recognition they deserve. “Don’t Believe The Hype!” –Public Enemy


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