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Martin Shkreli And The Wu-Tang Album Controversy!



Martin Shkreli is a pharmaceutical executive. Martin is known for purchasing a drug called Daraprim for $13 a pill and increasing it to around $700 a pill. According to WebMD, Daraprim is used to treat a parasite infection of the body. It’s also used to treat those affected with HIV to help prevent diseases such as toxoplasmosis. Transmitted through undercooked meat, soil or cat feces. The infection can be extremely dangerous to children who haven’t been born.

Martin has received a lot of hate ever since raising the price of the drug, but now he is making headlines for purchasing the only copy of Wu-Tang’s album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. NME Magazine mentioned that he had been arrested by the FBI for stock fraud. He purchased the only copy of the album for $2 million.  

Shkreli has several other charges against him, and if convicted, he can face up to 20 years in prison. There were tweets saying that he wanted to give away the album. Later on, he was arrested in Manhattan. In court, he pleaded not guilty to several accounts of security fraud and released on a $5 million bond.

However, the drama doesn’t stop there. According to, The Wu-Tang Clan may plan to steal their album back. They plan on doing this with the help of Actor Bill Murray. also mentioned that the FBI did not seize the album from Shkreli when they arrested him. That’s when word got out that a heist maybe in plan by the Wu-Tang Clan and Bill Murray. These claims could be false, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the album came up missing and back into the hands of The Wu-Tang Clan. Do you believe that The Wu-Tang Clan can get their album back with the help of Bill Murray? 



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