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America Failed Tamir Rice



Have you heard? America has failed another innocent black male once again. No justice has been served to an innocent 12-year-old-boy. Tamir is this generation’s Emmitt Till. Tamir was shot by two Cleveland cops. Some may consider this a human horror but not a crime. No, this is a crime. The justice system is corrupt where killers and liars will take the life of an innocent black man or child in a heartbeat.

The prosecutor of the crime, Timothy McGinty considered the officers’ actions “reasonable.” The officers assumed that Tamir had a real gun, but it was just a pellet gun. The prosecutor continued to defend the officers who in my eyes are guilty. The endless stories of cops killing black people and not being indicted is disgusting. I’m genuinely upset by those who choose to support the officers.

According to, a 911 caller had told the dispatcher that Tamir was mostly likely a juvenile and that his gun was probably fake. Sources say that this vital information was not passed on to Officer Loehmann or his partner Frank Garmback.

To the prosecutor, the officers couldn’t possibly know if the gun was fake. My question is why didn’t they ask? Why do they give other races who commit crimes minutes to comply but immediately kill black males?

The jury’s decision not to indict the officers not only displease me but Tamir’s family as well. African-Americans were outraged because they wanted justice for Tamir. The Rice family is renewing its request for the Justice Department to investigate the killing. The family will like for people to express their disappointment peacefully. The footage of Tamir’s death was shown own a choppy surveillance video. This rose speculation from many African-Americans and became a rallying point for the “Blacks Lives Matter” movement. Tamir died on Nov.22, 2014. And on Dec.28, 2015, America failed him.


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