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Chris Rock Wants To Address Racism At The Oscars!



With so much controversy surrounding the Oscars, Chris Rock has his hands full as the host. From Will Smith, Spike Lee, and Jada Pinkett-Smith many black actresses and actors will not be attending due to the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominations.

However, Chris Rock has no plans to quit being the Oscar host despite the uproar. Instead, he plans on attacking white privilege in his opening monologue according to the producer of the 2016 ceremony.

Chris has faced multiple requests to walk away as the host of the Oscars, but he wants to address the issue first-hand based on the US Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences’ failure to nominate not even one African-American actor or minority background for the second year running.

Oscar producer, Reginald Hudlin stated, “Chris is hard at work, he and his writing staff locked themselves in a room.” The old show has been thrown out. Therefore, a new show has been written for the Oscars. Sources also say that Chris will lighten up the mood that night with jokes based off the #Oscarsowhite pother.

Oscar-nominee Don Cheadle spoke of the ordeal with Deadline. He stated that the moves being made by the Academy to double the amount of female and minority members are a step in the right direction.


Do you think that Chris Rock should step down from hosting the Oscars or should he continue to be the host and address racism from the Academy first-hand?


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