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Stacey Dash Has An Awkward Moment At The Oscars!



Stacey Dash has been bashed by many people of the African-American community because of her comments on BET, The BET Awards, and Black History Month on Fox News. Dash feels as though shows such as BET causes segregation. Rumors of an Oscar boycott made Dash even more heated. She found the threats “ludicrous.”

However, Stacey decided to take it a step further by trolling at the Oscars 2016 which was hosted by Chris Rock. Rock dedicated his opening monologue to the #OscarsoWhite controversy. The #OscarsoWhite had many people talking about racism in the Oscars before the show aired last night.

Rock defiantly shined the light on the #OscarsoWhite ordeal and right before he introduced Stacey on stage he stated: “That’s why it is my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program.” Rock then welcomed Dash to the stage where she sarcastically said to the audience, “I cannot wait to help my people out, Happy Black History Month! Thank You.”  Dash giggled and then exited the stage. While leaving it was very few people in the audience clapping, and silence fell upon most of the audience. To simply put, Stacey had a very awkward moment of trolling while on stage at the Oscars.


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