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Latif Seesit is more than a fashion designer; he’s an artist. Going by the nickname Wisdom, he has created an entire fashion line off the name which to him has over 1,000 meanings. Wisdom’s passion for designing comes from his love of sneakers preferably Jordan’s.

At the beginning of his career, Latif did not want to be a fashion designer. However, after creating his first designer t-shirt in 10th grade and working with Holy Stitch, he started to develop a passion for it. Artistry has always been a part of him. He has been drawing ever since the second grade and uses some of those same drawings as concepts for his clothing line. He takes from his childhood and spirituality to turn his designs into something innovative.

Latif came up with the concept of his line by watching other brands as a student such as Supreme. The brand name represents street knowledge. Latif states, “The brand name comes from life experiences and self-knowledge.” According to Latif, life hasn’t changed much since starting his own line. He doesn’t feel any different as a person. In high school, he was always on the scene and being somewhat the center of attention. However, fans of his work do stop him in the streets, and he has spoken at schools. He mentions that he has matured into a better person.

Wisdom has multiple inspirations which help him to elevate his designs and tap into his creative realms. He is inspired by Malcolm X, Joey Badass, and his sister Rasheeda. He is influenced by her work ethic and how she handles business. Quoting her as “The strongest person I know.” Latif hopes to continue his road to success and in five years sees his clothing line moving to different state fronts nationwide.

From the looks of his recent success, it looks like that may be happening soon. He has accomplished a great deal despite certain tribulations he has had to face. He does not let the fact he finished high school late stop him from becoming one of the most major designers ever known. Some of Latif’s major accomplishments include speaking to the youth in high schools on career day, designing for Nyck Caution, and meeting Joey Badass. Latif has had to learn to manage his money, take risks, explore, and most of all never showing too much fear.

Much more is in store for all the Wisdom ATL fans. Latif will be releasing the 2016 “Do The Wise Thing” collection soon. Latif made this collection to celebrate the graduation through changes. This means those who embrace their changes and grow through them.

In the future, he plans on working with people outside of the fashion world such as people who play sports, artists, and even people who box. Many blessings to Wisdom and his future endeavors. 




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