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Beyoncé Debuts Visual Album Lemonade On HBO!



Beyoncé debuted her new album Lemonade on Saturday; the superstar had the Beyhive and public talking. It seems as though the queen has gotten real personal on this album with phenomenal visuals to go along with it. Beyoncé had her fans in an uproar due to the emotional lyrics in her music. The lyrics reference a cheating spouse that many people including myself assumed she was talking about her husband, Jay-Z.

The song “Sorry” and the album as a whole touched bases not only on her relationship with Jay-Z, but her daughter, and the constant struggle of police brutality that black people face every day. Bey allowed her fans to get a glimpse of her personal life by sharing home movies, her wedding, and the pregnancy of her daughter Blue Ivy.



Even though the premiere had fans hype, some speculated that Beyoncé was talking about Jay-Z cheating on her with Rachel Roy. Roy is Dame Dash’s ex-wife. The reference was “Becky with the good hair.” Now Bey could have been talking about anyone, but Rachel Roy took to Instagram and posted the picture below.


Not sure if her caption was confirmation of the cheating rumors but Rachel definitely played into the speculation.

Despite the rumors, visuals from the premiere included cameos from Serena Williams and Zendaya. Bey used photos of black men who have been wrongfully murdered. Among the people holding the photos are the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. The chapter was marked “Resurrection.” Lemonade is now on Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service. The premiere event on HBO has been awaited by many faithful fans and stans. HBO owned by Time Warner offered a free preview weekend. Lemonade was innovative and showed the beauty of being black and in love. Great job Beyoncé!


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