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Police Officer Slams Teacher To The Ground And Tells Her Black People Have More Violent Tendencies!





A violent recorded arrest of an African-American elementary school teacher in 2015 has left many people shocked. Two Austin Police Department officers are under investigation after a dash camera footage was released showing the cops dragging Breaion King, the elementary school teacher out of her car. King was body slammed and was told by the police that black people are responsible for violence 99 percent of the time.


Breaion King was on her lunch break and parked in a parking lot when an officer approached her for speeding down the road in Austin, Texas. King was ordered to get back in her car, so she did. However, Breaion didn’t close the vehicle door when Officer Bryan Richter told her to. King can be heard yelling within seconds and is pulled to the concrete by Officer Richter. King cries and screams as the cop try to cuff her. When she tries to stand up, she is slammed to the ground by Richter.


The second camera is in the backseat of the police car and films Breaion asking Officer Patrick Spradlin about racism. She states, “I believe that Caucasians have more supremacy over black people. They have more rights.” Officer Spradlin responds “I don’t think that,” and states that Caucasians are afraid of African-American people because they have “violent tendencies.”


He goes on to add “I want you to think about that. I’m not saying anything. I’m not saying it’s true. I’m not saying I agree with it or nothing. But 99 percent of the time, when you hear about stuff like that, it is the black community that is being violent. That’s why a lot of white people are afraid. And I don’t blame them.”


After the incident, Officer Bryan Richter was forced to undergo counseling and training. Breaion King was charged with resisting arrest. However, the charges were dropped by prosecutors after they viewed the footage. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo stated in a press conference that he was saddened by the incident and issued an apology to King.


Check out the footage below!



Breaion gives a response to the apology Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo gave to her.




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