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No Justice For Freddie Gray!




The Justice System has failed Freddie Gray. Baltimore Prosecutors dropped all charges against the three remaining officers that are in connection with Gray’s death. Gray was only twenty-five years old when he died. He died after suffering a neck injury while in police custody. The other three officers involved in the case have already been acquitted. Gray’s death helped sparked riots and protests from The Black Lives Matter Movement. Baltimore was in an uproar when news of his death was made known to the public. So much, so President Obama spoke on the riots.

I wrote an article about the riots a while back during its peak. Check out the link below.

Sadly I am not surprised. I mean what do you expect from a corrupt system. Despite the fact that I believe the decision to acquit the officers is wrong, Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police President, Gene Ryan feels that justice has been done after the charges were dropped. However, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby believes that the decision was “agonizing.”

So you mean to tell me that Gray’s death was ruled a homicide, but no one is charged as his murderer?



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