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13-Year-Old Tyre King Shot & Killed By Columbus Police Officer Is Laid To Rest!




Tyre King was shot by Officer Bryan Mason on September 14 after he ran from police and was said to have pulled out a BB gun, according to authorities.


Officer Mason was put on administrative leave after the shooting.












Tyre King’s death has sparked national tension among the police and those of the African-American community. However, he isn’t the first; King is added on to the list of many black males killed by the police. Tyre King was just 13-years-old in the eighth grade at the time of his death. He played sports and was in a young scholars program.


Michael Bell, who coached King on his youth football team stated “He lit up a room. He demanded your attention.”


Officer Mason was investigating a report of an armed robbery when Tyre King got shot for pulling out a BB gun that looked like a real firearm. He was laid to rest earlier today at a Columbus church.











Tyre was 5ft tall, weighed less than 100lbs, and died from three gunshot wounds. Dr Francisco Diaz, an independent examiner, retained by Tyre King’s family gave this statement.


“Based on the location and the direction of the wound paths it is more likely than not that Tyre King was in the process of running away from the shooter or shooters when he suffered all three gunshot wounds.”


Evidence in the investigation of the shooting will be presented to a grand jury to see if the officer’s actions were justifiable.


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