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Producer Lil Money Dies After Protecting Nephew Bankroll PJ From Gun Bullets!


Photo: FACT Magazine


On Nov.2, 22-year-old Lil Money was shot and killed on Smith Street. Two other men were also shot but were hit in the leg and expected to survive.


Lil Money was the uncle and promoter of popular Atlanta child rapper Bankroll PJ. The family of Lil Money stated he died protecting 6-year-old Bankroll PJ.


Bankroll PJ became a sensation on the internet after he was recorded counting money. Bankroll PJ has almost half a million Instagram followers and his record “Jump In” has over 800,000 views on YouTube.



The 6-year-old got caught in a deadly situation Tuesday night when bullets started to fly. His uncle and manager Lil Money (Demandril Jackson) sadly got hit that night by the bullets.


Lil Money leaves behind a daughter.


“There’s nothing to explain to him that he doesn’t already know. He was there. He saw it. He knows what’s going on. He’s strong. He’s six-years-old. He just needs his family support,” said Jackson’s Aunt, Iasha Parker.


The pain of losing his uncle is all too familiar for Bankroll PJ. Last March, his other uncle who goes by the name Bankroll Fresh (Trentavious White) was gunned down outside of his recording studio in Atlanta.


“He’s losing everyone close around him. He’s too young to have to go through that. When he grows up, I just want him to remember who he was in a positive way because all he has is positivity around him when it comes to his uncles and his family,” said Gereka Grier, Jackson’s Cousin.


As of now, the person who murdered Jackson is unknown.





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