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Gucci Mane appeared at Florida Memorial University on Nov.7 to give a speech. During his speech, Gucci Mane encouraged young people to get out and vote today. Gucci also touched on police brutality and mass incarceration. He empowered the audience to make their voices heard in this year’s presidential election between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.


“Young people have an opportunity to make a big difference tomorrow. And not just any young people. The young people in this room. Young people of color. Young people who come from neighborhoods surrounding this college. Tomorrow, be down here to vote. Vote not because I’m telling you to. Or not because anybody is telling you to. But vote because this is about y’all future. You can make a vote to stop all the police brutality. You can make a vote to stop all this mass incarceration,” he said.



Gucci stated that he wish he had his right to vote.


“All these issues are not just personal to you and your families, they impact me,” he said. “I wish that I had my right to vote. I feel like after you serve your time, don’t punish me for the rest of my life. It’s something that I already did my time for,” he said.


Gucci thanked the audience and then left the stage.





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