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Joe McKnight’s Murderer Ronald Gasser Is Released From Custody!




According to reports, Ronald Gasser was released from custody Friday morning (Dec.2). Gasser is responsible for murdering 28-year-old former New York Jets player, Joe McKnight. The two were in a road rage incident when the shooting took place in Terrytown, La on Dec.1.


A witness stated that McKnight and Gasser got into a verbal fight while McKnight was at a highway intersection. McKnight was unarmed and attempted to apologize, but the situation got physical.


Gasser pulled out a firearm and shot McKnight twice. According to sources, he stood over McKnight’s body and said: “I told you don’t f**k with me.”


Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Officer Spokesman Col. John Fortunato stated that Gasser has no charges against him. Gasser turned in his weapon to law enforcement when they arrived on the scene, and he was questioned.


The police still have questions about the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. The case remains open.





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