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Martin Shkreli Gets His Hands On ‘Tha Carter V!’


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Martin Shkreli is back at it again. Shkreli is known for purchasing Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album last year for $2 million.


Now Shkreli has his hands on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V. Lil Wayne’s team is investigating how Shkreli got the album after Shkreli streamed some of Tha Carter V while he was on Periscope.


According to TMZ, Wayne’s team freaked out when Shkreli played some of Tha Carter V with the public and is searching within the camp to find out if someone leaked it to him.


Shkreli could face legal action from Cash Money Records or Universal Music Group and severe consequences.


Sources reported that Lil Wayne “had sole possession of Tha Carter V” and the power to release it.


The album was supposed to be released in October 2014 but was delayed without any explanation.


This caused a rift between one of hip-hop’s favorite duos Birdman and Lil Wayne.


Wayne later on expressed in December 2014 that he wanted off the label because Birdman was supposedly blocking the release of the album.


Check out Martin Shkreli’s Periscope session below.



“It’s going to make Wu-Tang look irrelevant. I have acquired hip-hop’s most exclusive, most sought after album and it’s mine,” he said.


How did Shkreli get his hands on Tha Carter V?


“Let’s just say this thing fell into my lap. But when you’re as handsome, good-looking, smart and wealthy as me, things just fall into your lap,” Shkreli said.


What are your thoughts on the whole situation?




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