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CeeSoDope Interviews Actor Mike Merrill From Oxygen’s Very Own ‘Last Squad Standing!’


Photo: Mike Merrill


Mike Merrill is an actor, host, entertainer, and model from Detroit. Merrill is best known for appearing on the popular Oxygen network show Last Squad Standing! The show is filled with entertainment, drama, and lots of hooking up. On the show, he and four of his close friends (Detroit Players) compete with two other teams from Baltimore and Jersey for $100,000. Merrill was a finalist for the chance to win the $100,000. However, it was Dav from The Empire (Baltimore) who took home the cash prize which she split with her team. Check out the interview below as we discuss Last Squad Standing, his ex, and teammate Charmaine, hookups with other cast mates, how he would have spent the money, upcoming projects, and much more.




Sierra:    What’s going on everybody? It’s your girl, Sierra Porter, aka CeeSoDope and I’m sitting here with the handsome and talented Mike Merrill from Oxygen’s very own Last Squad Standing. What’s up?


Mike:    Hey how you doing?


Sierra:    I’m doing great. How are you?


Mike:    I’m doing good. It’s a great year to start off with.


Sierra:    Right. How do you feel about tonight?


Mike:    I’m feeling great most of the night actually. It was a great time out. I’m glad everybody came out to show love. I always love it when people show love. They’re giving it back, and I feel grateful to know that I have that.


Sierra:    Awesome. How did you find out that Oxygen was looking for contestants for Last Squad Standing and how did you convince your friends to audition for the show with you?


Mike:    Honestly, they reached out to me. I applied for another show, and they reached out to me about that, so I’m like, “You know what? It sounds like a good show.” Didn’t know too much about it at the time but you had to bring your real friends on the show that was the catch for me. Like, “Yeah I think that would be awesome to go on the show with my friends, to compete for $100,000.”


Mike:     I had to pick my real friends to be on the show with me. Basically, we had to prove that we were real friends. That was the process to get on the show. After that, we came on the show, and that’s when it was time to get that money.


Sierra:    Smart. You and Charmaine have a bit of a history. You guys dated for about six or seven months almost seven years ago. Were you shocked when she couldn’t handle you speaking to other girls in the house?


Mike:    No I wasn’t honestly. Because it’s like Mike Merrill is over Charmaine, but Charmaine is not over Mike Merrill.


Sierra:    Okay.


Mike:    My thing is, no matter what we have in the past, the past is the past. I’m over Charmaine, but I’ll always love her. That’s just the kind of person I am. I care for a person. Regardless of who she’s with, I just want you to be happy. That’s why I convinced her to have some type of relationship in the house. I mean it’s hard.


Sierra:    Right.


Mike:    It’s not nothing about disrespect or nothing like that. I want you to be happy and not be mad over what I’m doing. You can’t control my life. If we’re ex’s, we’re ex’s. An ex is another man’s treasure. An ex is another woman’s treasure. Right?


Sierra:    Right.


Mike:    She gotta learn how to move on.


Sierra:    Okay. What were you guys relationship like when the cameras weren’t rolling? Where do y’all stand now?


Mike:    Well, we’re the Detroit Players. We always love each other, no matter what we do, no matter how much we argue, or what we argue about at the end of the day we’re gonna love each other and we’re gonna get over it. That’s what it is. We still argue til this day. We still get on each other’s nerves. At the end of the day, we love each other, and we gone protect each other.


Sierra:    Okay.


Mike:    That’s pretty much how we sum that up.


Sierra:    Okay. Ivy had a very strong attraction to you when she first got in the house. Were you surprised that she came on to you very strong? You mentioned that she was very aggressive. Did you think she would be that aggressive towards you?


Mike:    I did not think she was gonna be that aggressive, but you experience everything once in your life. Ivy was, I can say one of the tallest trees that I had to knock down ever in my life. I don’t mean sex when I say that. Just to clarify that. I didn’t know she was gonna come strong, but she made it known like, “Mike is who I want.” To anybody in the house, “Mike is who I want. Backup. That’s who I’m going for.”


Sierra:    Okay.


Mike:    You want to get to him? You got to go through me. That’s what she made it known for, so I’m like, “You know what? To be honest with you, I’m gone give you a little spill.” When I first got to the house, as far as pictures, Gia was the first one I wanted to get.


Sierra:    Gia from The Jersey Bosses everybody.


Mike:    From the Jersey Bosses. Gia made it seem like, “Oh I got a …” Like she got a boyfriend. I don’t know if she was lying at the time, but we end up hooking up anyway. To clarify hooking up means talking.


Sierra:    Right.


Mike:    I’m gonna clarify a lot. Besides that, when I saw that she was basically telling me she has a boyfriend, the next person that caught my eye was Ciera. A lot of people didn’t know this, me and Ciera knew it. Armond knew it. Ivy knew it too, but that’s another thing me and Ivy ended up hooking up. Like, “You know what? Let me go ahead and see what Ivy is about. Make sure she’s someone I was supposed to be talking to.” That’s what happened.


Sierra:    You decided to eliminate Ivy when it was Ivy versus Dav. Outside of the house is, was no strings attached and it was all game time?


Mike:    Inside the house, it was family over everything. I’m from Detroit and one thing that in Detroit that we’re really strong about is being there for our own. Can’t let no woman come in between your family cause who is going to be there at the end of the day. You don’t know if that woman that you had just met is going to be there at the end of the day. I know my friends that I have a relationship with for years is going to be there. No matter what we go through. So I got to be there for my squad. I can’t be there for a woman I just met a few days ago because I got a crush on you. And then we’re there for $100,000 so why would I go ahead and go against my team. If I was to keep Ivy there now, I have to worry about my team backstabbing me or talking behind my back or anything like that. Now my team is against me; I can’t have that. We’re going to do what we do while you’re on the show, but when it comes to this money when it comes to my team, you got to go. We’ll see each other outside the show. It’s not the end of the world.


Sierra:    If you had won the $100,000 … By the way, Dav was the winner of the $100,000. If you had won it, what would you have done with it besides split it with your team and why?


Mike:    Yes I would split it with my team, just to get that out the way. So with my portion me and Nastashia yeah we’re talking about building an organization for the church for the kids and the homeless. Me my passion is to be one of the big names for Detroit like Big Sean is or the people that are artists or actors. So I want to be one of them big people to be known, pick up Detroit or be there for Detroit. Me and Nastashia wanted to build an organization for the kids and the homeless. Also, I wanted Mike Merrill Entertainment to be a talent agency based out of Detroit to be one of the biggest talent agencies in the world. But there’s a lot of talent in Detroit that a lot of people don’t get to see and by bringing a few of my friends on the show, we’re showing that we’re not done yet. I’m here in Atlanta. Yes, I moved out of Detroit because the opportunities were not there. My second source of income was coming from Atlanta, so this is where I had to move to get myself together. I’ve been going back and forward from here to Detroit. I’m getting my company off the ground. My company is doing great right now. We’re making great moves. I have some movies coming up. It’s not going to be the last time you’re gonna see me on TV.


Sierra:    Okay. Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to tell your fans about?


Mike:    Yes everybody. Once again this is the one and only Mike Merrill from Detroit Players and Last Squad Standing. Also, I’m an actor. I’m an actor first, model second, and a host … I’m an entertainer. I’m going to say that. I’m going to say I’m an actor first, and I’m an entertainer second. Look out for me to be, I have a small part, on BET’s The Choir that comes out January 31st. Not too big, but my face is seen. That’s all that matters right. January 31st it comes on BET. I have a short film that’s coming out January 16th. It’s called Let It Breathe. I have quite a few, but I’m going to name them just to let them know what to look forward towards. With Tier 2 Films … Shoutout to Tier 2 Films. I have a TV series called Idiots. It’s called Idiots. I’m trying to think of the other name. I can’t think of it. I forgot the other part of the title. It’s called Idiots. It’s a TV series pilot. We’re definitely going to get picked up. Also, I’m doing a movie with them that’s called, The Perfect Woman.


Sierra:    The Perfect Woman?


Mike:    Yes.


Sierra:    Side Chick web series?


Mike:    Side Chick web series. Yes! I love my Side Chick web series. I love my Side Chick web series so much. We did season two. We had a great outcome. A lot of views, a lot of recognition. Now we’re doing season three starting later this month actually. We don’t know if it’s going to be a web series yet, but that’s good news. You might not see it on YouTube, but just look for it, and you might see it on TV.


Sierra:    Okay one more question. Do you keep up with anybody from The Empire or Jersey Bosses?


Mike:    To be real, what you really want to know is, do I keep up with Ivy or Gia?


Sierra:    Yeah.


Mike:    Okay so Gia has a boyfriend now. She actually has no social media at all.


Sierra:    Okay.


Mike::    So that just tells that she has a controlling boyfriend.


Sierra:    Right.


Mike:    Or she just wants to block out social media just for negativity purposes. Me and Ivy, yes we talk. I keep up with Starrz. We keep up with the whole Empire cause they didn’t show much of our relationship with Empire. We are rivals, but we also was a family. We was a big family in that house. That’s what they didn’t show, but when it comes to that money, we are against each other. Yes, to clear everything up, Mike Merrill and The Detroit Players, we do still talk to Baltimore The Empire. We Love them. They’re like family to us and y’all are going to see us together again.


Sierra:    Where can people find you on social media?


Mike:    You can find me on social media that I would like to give you is Twitter and Instagram. It’s _MikeMerrill_, and if you want to just follow my Facebook Fan page, it’s Mike Merrill. Just search Mike Merrill.


Sierra:    Can you tell your fans to “Look out for”


Mike:    Hey listen, guys, this is the one, and only Mike Merrill and I want y’all to look out for because it’s not only going to be one person to climb this ladder, be on the rise, up and coming. It’s everybody. We all gotta eat. We all gone win. That’s what I’m all about.



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