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Bankroll Fresh Might Have Fired First Shot In Deadly Shooting!



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Bankroll Fresh’s murder case has still not been solved.


On Feb.22, police released surveillance footage on the night the Atlanta rapper was killed outside of Street Execs studios. According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV , the authorities say Bankroll can be seen holding and firing an assault riffle. Authorities also state that Bankroll was possibly aiming at a black car parked across the street. They believe the footage might be evidence that Bankroll fired the first shot that led to his death. Evidence confirmed that 50 shots were fired in all during the incident.


In a DJ Vlad interview in July, No Plug admitted to killing Bankroll Fresh but said he acted in self-defense.


Investigators say that it’s too early in the case to draw any conclusions about what exactly happened that night.


“What you see on the video, even though it might be as clear as day, there might be something more to it than what you’re actually seeing,” Major Adam Lee III of Atlanta Police said.


A spokesperson said in a statement that the case is taking longer than initially estimated.


“We are considering additional evidence we discovered in the case. Because of this information, we have not been able to make a decision by the original deadline. Once we reach a decision, we will notify the families and then the public,” the statement says.



R.I.P. Bankroll Fresh!






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