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Girls’ Pinky Promise!



Ciarra Henderson, a 21-year old student at Georgia State University, has taken a pledge of celibacy. A senior majoring in journalism with a minor in religious studies, Henderson hopes to do ministry for a living. She is also the president of Pinky Promise on Georgia State’s campus, an organization that guides young women on campus to not having sex before marriage.


A poem by Poet Janette called “I will wait for you” plays a significant role in Henderson’s life on why waiting until marriage for sex is important.



According to SafeTeens.Org, 7 in 10 sexually experienced teens wish they would have waited for marriage to have sex. Many say they were not emotionally ready.


However, some like Henderson are successfully waiting, by relying on their faith. Based on statics from WaitingTillMarriage.Org, about 3 percent of Americans wait until marriage to have sex. Three percent of the U.S. population represents 10,000,000. Statistics by, say 1 in 4 college students is a virgin.

















Those cautionary sexually active teens who wish they would have waited is what Pinky Promise is all about.


“Pinky Promise is an organization where we promise to honor God with our body and our lives. We are just a sisterhood of women where we meet each week. We have Bible studies, small groups for sleepovers, and different events to hold each other accountable. So we try to foster this sisterhood amongst each other as we grow closer to Christ,” says Henderson.


Henderson has inspired other Pinky Promise members, including Georgia State students Chelsea Adams and Tierra Fulwood, to continue on the road of waiting until marriage.




Adams is a sophomore majoring in religious studies.


“Growing up I was always taught to wait until marriage to have sex, but no one ever explained why. It wasn’t until after I had sex and dealt with the aftermath of heartbreak that I learned the reason as to why we should wait until marriage. I now know that God loves me not because I love him or because I strive to live for him, but he loves me because that’s who he is. God is love,” says Adams.


Henderson wants to show other students her view of what true love looks like through Pinky Promise.



“This world is skewed on what love is. We think that love argues, hurts each other, we think that love in a marriage can end in a divorce. But love does not give up. Love does not fail. There is no leaving each other in love,” Henderson says.


Thanks to Pinky Promise, Adams has been able to understand the value of love.


“Pinky Promise means that I am making a promise to God to honor him with my life and my body no matter the cost. Even though I will fail at times along the way, I make the decision to keep trying until I get it right. I know that God is more pleased with my effort to honor him than my desire to be perfect in honoring him,” Adam says.


Fulwood also a senior majoring in criminal justice, has made the decision to practice abstinence. As the vice president of Pinky Promise, Fulwood tries to encourage other young women in the organization to practice abstinence or celibacy.

















“I believe that sex is a sacred act and should only be done in marriage. Sex is essentially giving a piece of yourself to the person who you chose to engage in intercourse with, and I personally wouldn’t want to give pieces of myself to everyone,”says Fulwood.


Fulwood wants college women to know that practicing abstinence and celibacy isn’t easy, but they should never give up, and should surround themselves with other people trying to do the same.


Henderson agrees.


“It’s a man delighting in his wife, and it’s a wife loving her husband,” she says.


Check out the Pinky Promise video below to get a chance to see what the organization is all about.



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