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Educated Rapper, A.K.A. EMD From U.T.F.O. Dies At 54!



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Educated Rapper, a.k.a. EMD (Jeffrey Campbell) from the legendary rap group Untouchable Force Organization (U.T.F.O.), passed away June 3 at the age of 54.


According to fellow group member Mix Master Ice, EMD died at a Brooklyn hospital after fighting cancer.












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“This is a All Out Cry For Prayer. I just got the ok from family to go viral.. As I hold his hand, I need everyone’s power in prayer to pray for one of my best friends since 1979 & hip hop partner, Jeffrey Campbell.. Known to our World Wide fans as: The Educated Rapper MD or EMD 1/4 of the U.T.F.O. crew, which stands for: ‘Untouchable Force Organization.’ * He is extremely ill and not doing well..Please help us pray for a Miracle Blessing,” Ice wrote on Facebook before his friend passed away.


 The entire U.T.F.O. was present at EMD’s bedside before he passed away.


“I just got off the phone with Rahiem. They were all at the hospital last night. It was the first time all original members of U.T.F.O. had been together in a long time. He had been sick with cancer and must have had it for awhile,”Bronx promoter Van Silk said.


U.T.F.O. is best known for their hit record  “Roxanne, Roxanne.” The record gave birth to the “Roxanne Wars,” which was a series of beef songs between the group and MC Roxanne Shanté of the Juice Crew.


The Educated Rapper Verse RIP my brother

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EMD received condolences from other members in the hip-hop community on Twitter.






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