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Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson Sr.) was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 12 alongside stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.


N.W.A (Niggas With Attitudes) members Dr. Dre, DJ Yella and MC Ren, were in attendance for the ceremony. Russell Simmons, Big Boi, Xzibit, Sir Jinx and Yo-Yo were also in attendance for the induction.


WC and director John Singleton had spoken at the ceremony before Cube gave his speech.


“I’m so honored to be here. It’s a great day. I wanna thank everybody in the city of Los Angeles, the city of Hollywood … everybody that had to do with me getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I really appreciate it,” Cube said.


“You know, you don’t get here by yourself. And when you’re coming up doing music, movies, just trying to be creative, you never figure you’ll be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame one day. Today is not really about Ice Cube. It’s about all the people who helped me get here,” Cube adds.


Check out Cube’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony below.



Recently, Cube was in the news for his confrontational conversation with Bill Maher over the comedian’s use of the n-word.


Check out the video below.





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