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Kanye West Splits From Tidal!



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According to Billboard, Kanye West has parted ways with Tidal. Tidal no longer has exclusive rights to his music.


The business issue between West and Tidal was made public when TMZ reported West’s claim that Tidal owed him $3 million following the Tidal-exclusive release of The Life of Pablo. Allegedly, the album brought 1.5 million new subscribers to the streaming service.


Tidal’s defense is that West failed to release music videos that were a part of his contract. Neither Tidal nor West has filed a lawsuit.


West was part of the 16 artists and bands who share ownership of Tidal. The brotherly relationship between Jay-z and Kanye West who were also collaborators has faded. This was shown with West’s rant during a concert about how their children haven’t played with each other, and Jay dissing Ye & Kim K on 4:44’s “Kill Jay Z.”





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