The Fugees are known for their soulful sound of music which is a blend of jazz, rap, R&B, and reggae. Their success came in the mid-90s when the group’s sophomore album The Score reached #1 on the pop charts and sold over five million copies. The group formed in the late 80s in New Jersey with Lauryn Hill and Prakazrel Michel (“Pras”). The two attended a local high school and then began to work together. Pras’ cousin Wyclef Jean later joined the group. At the time, the trio was called The Tranzlator Crew. They signed to Ruffhouse/Columbia in 1993 then which the trio decided to rename themselves The Fugees.  The term is short for refugees, which was usually used to describe Haitian immigrants, according to


The group is now considered hip-hop legends with timeless hits and Grammy’s.


Check out The Fugees on “Yo! MTV Raps” in 1994 spitting a dope freestyle.






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