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The Richard Faust Story



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Sweet Auburn, a historically African-American area, is home to many prominent buildings, businesses, and programs such as Big Bethel. The oldest congregation in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.


It is also the cornerstone of Trinity Community Ministries.












Founded in 1981, due to the rise in homelessness, Trinity House is now the destination for those who seek stability and is on the road to recovery.


Richard Faust, a client at Trinity House and Randall Huff, a resident manager talk about the impact of Trinity House on their lives and in the Auburn District.



“I began to free based and get high and so forth. And over a period time, I was introduced to someone. That person and I was smoking and drinking together and had sex together. I ended up contracting HIV,” says Faust.


“When I found out about the HIV, I confronted the individual. When I confronted the individual, an altercation took place where I became incarcerated. I was incarcerated for about 14 months, and so when I got out, I found out about the HIV program,” says Faust.


“Then when I came to Trinity House on August 25th, I was introduced to Mr. Ali. So when I got introduced to Mr. Ali, he welcomed me here, and I began to talk more with him about the situation, and he just welcomed me into the house. Since I’ve been here, I found a lot of structure and a lot of support since I’ve been here,” Faust adds.


Huff discusses the progress Faust has made since coming to Trinity House.


“You know, he’s one of those people that I admire for what he’s trying to do. He’s doing it in a way that he should be trying to do it. You got people coming in here and all of a sudden they know everything. He’s not that, he’s still asking questions and still doing what he’s supposed to do,” Huff adds.


According to Faust, Trinity House provides AA meetings, NA meetings, anger management classes, and spiritual and physical growth for residents.











Photo: Trinity Community Ministries


“Just a lot of support groups that encourage you to do better. Because of the spirituality of the program, it strengthens the inner man,” says Faust.


Faust has a few words for those considering to indulge in trying drugs.


“My word to the people who might be listening or what have you, I encourage you do not even give your mind, give into the curiosity of using drugs or getting high,” says Faust.


Huff says, “We’ve impacted so many kids and so many people who come and listen to the stories of the men that are here.”


Trinity House continues to help those like Faust receive a second chance at life while being an impactful landmark in the Auburn District area.




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