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3 British Schoolboys Will Be Honored After Preventing Man From Committing Suicide





After saving a man from committing suicide in Sept.2017, three black British boys will be honored for their heroic deed by the Royal Humane Society, according to the reports by the Hertfordshire Mercury. The Royal Humane Society, which is a British charity promoting lifesaving intervention, will honor all those involved helping to save the man who wanted to commit suicide.


The three teenage boys, Shawn Young (12), Devonte Cafferkey (13), and Sammy Farah (14) were walking home from school when noticing a man sitting on the ledge of Waltham Cross with a rope tied around his neck. The trio ran over to to the man’s side to stop him from committing suicide. Young went to get help while Cafferkey and Farah stayed with the man pulling him up from the ledge while pleading with him not to jump to his death.


Young was able to receive help from Joanne Stammers. The 47-year-old former nurse, who suffers from Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome, which makes her prone to blood clotting leaving her unable to work, held the man until more help was able to arrive. Stammers ended up with bruises on her arm, but is delighted that the boys will be receiving recognition for their kind act.


“I am pleased for them, and I hope other children can see it’s worth stopping to help someone,” she said.


The parents of the three British boys are proud of their child’s courageous act. Young’s mother, Carol is happy to hear something positive in the news about young people.


“Quite often in the national news, there are a lot of negative reports about young people, so it is nice to have something positive.“They are very young, and I marvel at how they are all dealing with it. Every time I speak to them I learn something new about what happened,” Young’s mother said.


The trio also received Special Achievement Awards at the Broxbourne Youth Awards for their heroic deed.



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