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Got Beef? Why Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Need To Get In The Studio



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Hello to all my CeeSoDope readers. It’s been a minute, but I’m officially back with new material.


I’ve been keeping up with the world of hip-hop, and it has come to this or should I say, it has come to blows?


For some reason, I knew that the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef was not going to blow over anytime soon.


The “Bodak Yellow” and “Barbie Dreams” rappers were leaving the New York Fashion Week annual Harper’s Bazaar Icons party Friday, Sep.7 at the Plaza Hotel when the two got into it.


Check out the footage below:



The scuffle led the Bronx rapper leaving with a huge knot on her head:











Photo: Gems Radio


Speculations have been swirling that the reason the two rap Queens got into it was that Minaj liked a tweet that downplayed Cardi B’s parenting skills. The rapper just gave birth to her first child in July, Kulture Kiari Cephus.



Security alerted police about a dispute between two individuals at the Plaza around 11 p.m.


Cardi B addressed the situation and Minaj in an Instagram post:



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Cardi B claims that Minaj has tried to stop her bags among other issues with the rapper. Rumors have been swirling that this isn’t the first time Minaj has attempted to stop someone’s bag.


Artists such as K.Michelle, her ex, Safaree, Lil Kim, Remy Ma, and even pop culture commentator DJ Akademiks have stated that the pop/rap star has tried to stop them from opportunities such as getting on tracks or receiving certain gigs.


Minaj addressed her issues with the new mother in an episode of Queen Radio and mentioned that she never said anything about anyone’s child and that the feud humiliated and mortified her.


“I just want people to know that Onika Tanya Maraj has never, will never… speak ill on anyone’s child. I am not a clown. That’s clown s—,” Minaj said.



The beef between Cardi B and Minaj supposedly started during the whole “MotorSport” record release. Cardi B wanted the Queens rapper to rewrite her verse for the song after Cardi B felt like Minaj was taking jabs at her.


Minaj’s issue with Cardi comes from the newcomer not paying homage to the “Queen” of rap. In an interview with Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe, Minaj stated “I have never seen her show me any genuine love during an interview,” she said. “I just see how many girls wish they had been on a song with Nicki Minaj.”


Now, during this whole mess, because this is a mess, Minaj allegedly found an old comment that Cardi B made about someone’s deceased child.

















Now, I won’t go into too much detail of what all Minaj said in her Queen Radio episode because she’s very direct in the audio.


I must say Cardi can’t call someone out for saying something about her child or parenting skills when she has done the same thing.


On the other hand, Minaj brought up Travis Scott’s baby girl when she didn’t get the #1 album for Queen. She blamed Scott and the mother of his child, Kylie Jenner for supposedly using the child to boost his album sales along with selling merchandise.


Minaj also claimed that Cardi B used “sympathy” and that she’s using “payola” to boost records.


Cardi B responded via Instagram, and this is what she had to say:



Now ladies and gentlemen that you have the background story, here are my thoughts:


Both women have done shady acts toward each other. I feel like they have done things that made me give them a side-eye. Minaj liking the tweet questioning Cardi’s parenting skills was Minaj trying to poke at Cardi.


I do feel like Minaj has thrown multiple shots and Cardi has tried to ignore her, but it escalated at an event that should have been handled elsewhere.


Instead of shoe throwing, sneak dissing, or supposedly stopping bags, both ladies need to take it out on a rap record. Because this is hip-hop and if you have an issue, then you need to handle it like real MC’s and get in the studio and let the best MC win.


I do think that another possible physical altercation needs to be put to a STOP ASAP before this goes to a place that it doesn’t need to be.


Cardi B has to realize that people are going to continue to talk down to her and those she loves. They will also try to make her self-sabotage all she has worked for regarding her career. Now, she’s human so naturally expressing your anger isn’t an issue.


However, people are waiting for your downfall. Move different due to the height of success. TRY to stay gracious, because the best revenge is your paper.


I do believe that Minaj has some points regarding Cardi’s behavior, but it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Minaj is just as blessed and has the success that some could only dream of.


The constant rants on Queen Radio are overshadowing all that she has accomplished. I do believe that Minaj pushed Cardi B, but that doesn’t excuse her behavior.


Get in the studio ladies. This is hip-hop!


Check out what other celebrities have to say regarding the beef between the two rappers:






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