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Flashback Friday: Is Lil’ Kim Sexualizing Our Children? (1997)



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It’s no doubt that Lil’ Kim is a leading lady in hip-hop. She has broken barriers for women in hip-hop to be open about their sexuality and rap about what the fellas rap about in their music. This is shown in the new generation of rap queens like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.


Lil’ Kim also known as Queen Bee has been praised for her work and legacy as an MC, but she also has faced backlash for her explicit lyrics.


While hip-hop is the biggest genre in the world today, some people look at hip-hop as a negative influence on young people.


In 1997, Lil’ Kim appeared on “The Rolonda Watts Show” to discuss her music. Guest appearances with the legendary MC include P.Diddy, her mother Ruby Mae Jones, radio and TV host Ed Lover, and more.


Lil’ Kim defended her reputation and her music. Jones supported her daughter and her career but did admit that some of her daughter’s lyrics, she criticized. During the interview, Jones says that at times she’s told her daughter, “Girl, I should have taken you to church more.”


Despite what people may feel about Lil’ Kim’s lyrics or still feel about her and hip-hop in general, the New York native is considered a legend in the game with hit albums such as Hard Core.


The question discussed on the show was whether or not Lil’ Kim’s music was sexualizing children?


You be the judge. Check out the flashback video below:




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