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Migos Sued By Rapper Over “Walk It, Talk It” Record



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The Migos continuously release hit after hit and their record “Walk, It, Talk, It” is no exception. However, Migos are being accused by Leander C. Pickett, also known as M.O.S. for stealing a song he made over a decade ago.


TMZ reports that Pickett is suing the trio and filed a copyright lawsuit against the Migos. He claims that there are similarities between the group’s song and his 2007 record titled “Walk It Like I Talk It.”


Pickett claims that the Migos uses a “substantial portion” of his track. Check out the mashup of both records.



Pickett is also suing Capitol Records over the copyright issue and wants the rap trio to stop performing the record at live shows.


Migos’ “Walk It, Talk It” is third single off of their Culture II album and peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Released Jan. 2018, the Migos have been performing the record on their Drake and Three Amigos Tour.




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