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Paramount Recording Group sues Nipsey Hussle’s estate for $32K



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The estate of late MC Nipsey Hussle is facing a lawsuit for money he allegedly owed when he died on March 31. Paramount Recording Group claims Nipsey owes a debt of $32,000, which Paramount is seeking to collect. The company claims it won a $32,000 judgment against Nipsey and another party in 2012. Paramount has filed a creditor’s claim in an attempt to collect the money from the MC’s estate.


Reportedly, Nipsey died without a will. His brother, Samiel Asghedom, is aiming to become the administrator of the estate, which is estimated to be worth more than $2 million.  In a petition, Asghedom addressed his brother’s death stating that his “passing has created significant media attention, which, in turn, has presented potential time-sensitive business opportunities based on [Nipsey Hussle]’s likeness, right of publicity, and another intellectual property based on the media attention surrounding [Nipsey Hussle]’s exceptional life story and musical career.”


Eric Holder, the man accused of shooting Nipsey has pleaded not guilty to murder.


Source: HiphopDX


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