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Nipsey Hussle’s baby mother claims his sister took their daughter without permission



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The drama continues. Tanisha Foster, the mother of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter Emani Asgehedom, claims that his sister, Samantha Smith took custody of their daughter following his death and has refused to return her. Foster is objecting Smith’s filing to be named the guardian of her daughter.


Foster stated that because she is the biological mother of the ten-year-old, she should be awarded custody, and believes that the “Law and Policy of this state favors the protection of the rights of natural parents and their children.” Adding, “Objector has statutory priority over petitioner.” Foster mentioned that her daughter was visiting her father on March 31, the day he was murdered when Smith “unlawfully took the minor and as of this date, despite objectors demand, refused to return the minor to Objector.”


She added that the best interest of her daughter is not being given by Smith’s “act of removing the minor from her mother’s custody; and by refusing contact between minor and mother.” Nipsey’s brother, Samiel Asghedom (Blacc Sam) joined his sister’s battle for guardianship last week by filing a declaration in support of Smith obtaining custody of Foster and Nipsey’s daughter. Smith, who is a skin therapist requested to be appointed as a temporary guardian but was denied soon after a judge felt there was “No urgency demonstrated for granting this relief before hearing on May 14th.”


Reportedly, Smith, Foster, and Blacc Sam were all in court last week where Foster was given a chance to spend time with her daughter. Following the hearing, Foster told The Blast that she loves her daughter and will do “whatever it takes to get her back.”





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