Flashback Friday: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (1983)

    Photo: Medium   Do you know when hip-hop was born? Do you know the "Holy Trinity" of hip-hop? No? It's all good, here's a quick lesson. Hip-hop was born August 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the Bronx.   A man named DJ Kool Herc hosted a back to school jam where he

My top 10 mood songs going into 2019

    Photo: WallPapers13   With three days left until the new year, I’ve been thinking about all that I want to accomplish this year. Some of my goals include taking writing classes, learning more about hip-hop, and much more. While writing down my goals for 2019, I was listening to Young Thug’s “Digits.”

Former co-manager for Big Boi of OutKast, Tiphanie Watson-Johnson talks working in hip-hop

    Photo: @Tiphaniew Instagram   “Oooh, ladies first, ladies first! Oooh, ladies first, ladies first!”   It's the sound that I hear when it comes to women in hip-hop. Queen Latifah said it best in her 1989 hit record “Ladies First” featuring Monie Love. I can see why it had such an impact on women in

Flashback Friday: MC Hammer Performs on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ (1992)

    Photo: Thrillist   U can't touch this!   Man, there was a time when MC Hammer had the rap game on lock. In 1990, he released his hit record "U Can't Touch This." With those parachute pants, dope ass dance moves, and tram line haircut, MC Hammer was cooler than a fan.   The "2 Legit 2

Celebrity Publicist Alicia Gooding talks about the art of hustle

    Photo: Provided by Alicia Gooding   BET’s new hit television series “Hustle In Brooklyn” highlighted the social and professional lives of some of the hardest working hustlers in Brooklyn. The cast ranged from hip-hop artists, event planners, entrepreneurs, publicists, and more. Celebrity publicist, Alicia Gooding were among the cast members, and she

My Top 5 from Meek Mill’s ‘Championships’

    Photo: @MeekMill Instagram   What’s good CeeSoDope readers?   So Meek Mill’s new album Championships is the latest music talk in the world of hip-hop. The Philly rapper dropped his new heat November 30, with features from Jay-Z, Drake, Rick Ross, Cardi B, and much more.   According to Nielsen Music, Championships earned 229,000 equivalent album