Recap Friday: Brian Hamilton Foundation helps returning citizens start their own business

    Brian Hamilton Foundation is a beacon of hope for returning members of society. Hamilton and Reverend Robert J. Harris started working at prisons to teach inmates how to become entrepreneurs. Twenty-six years later, an act of service is now a national non-profit.   On Saturday, January 26, Inmates to Entrepreneurs held a

Grammy-nominated producer Kevin “Khao” Cates talks “Bad Brains” hip-hop album

    In hip-hop, producers have become just as famous as the rappers. Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated super producer Kevin "Khao" Cates is one of the producers who is making his way from behind the scenes to the limelight.   After years of producing for heavy-hitters in the game such as T.I., Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Busta

Daughter of late rapper Camoflauge uses hip-hop to advocate for social issues

    Photo: Billboard   In hip-hop, sometimes it’s the youth that uses their talent to bring awareness to social issues. MC Flau’Jae is using her passion for hip-hop to speak out against gun violence. The 15-year-old made her debut on the hit television series “The Rap Game” Season 3, executive produced by Jermaine

Founders of the Rap Plug app talk entrepreneurship and technology

    Photo: Lighthouse Entertainment LLC   Rap Plug is an online platform that provides networking and resources to the members of the hip-hop community. With over 11,000 downloads and 200 users daily, the app consists of artists, labels, producers, entrepreneurs, and more.   Founded by Rico Morton, Branden Criss, and Craig King, the businessmen wanted

Recap Friday: Press conference held for 12-year-old rapper restrained by Cobb County police officer

    On Monday, January 7, a press conference was held for 12-year-old rapper Corey Jackson after being detained by police on Oct.6. Alongside him for support was Attorney M. Davis, his mother Laura Johnson, father Cornell Jackson, Lil Boosie, and several community leaders. The young MC who also goes by Corey

Twin sisters Kylah and Kami Simmons discuss their journey into media entertainment

  Photo: (L- Kylah Simmons, R- Kami Simmons)   From interviewing celebrities, being behind the scenes, and being able to network with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the entertainment and media industry looks glamorous. However, breaking into the industry as a media professional can be difficult. It takes hard work, faith,

My top 10 mood songs going into 2019

    Photo: WallPapers13   With three days left until the new year, I’ve been thinking about all that I want to accomplish this year. Some of my goals include taking writing classes, learning more about hip-hop, and much more. While writing down my goals for 2019, I was listening to Young Thug’s “Digits.”