In today’s generation saying what’s real is a thing of the past. We tell lies to keep everything balanced instead of actually facing the truth to fix our issues. We feel as though if we were to face the truth it would be impossible to handle. See telling lies about who you are makes everything seem copacetic as if you have everything figured out, but the TRUTH…lets you know what’s real, it has a way of showing you what demons you are actually facing. Now I know you read demons and said: “Whoa it ain’t that deep” but yes it is… it’s that deep because in REALITY, not Love & Hip-Hop, reality, not The Kardashians, reality but ACTUALITY we are facing demons every day. So how do we fight back?  


Whatever you feel is real SAY IT even those moments when you think what you are saying is lame, petty, “in your feelings” but it’s real to YOU. It makes you behave in a certain way, and it’s the same reason you’re covering real emotions with song lyrics that you heard from Future just to escape the reality that you actually love her. Why do we run from the truth? Truth of what type of life we’re living, truth of our real thoughts and emotions, or simply the truth of who we really are.   

“The tongue has power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” So the moment you speak truth is the moment you live in truth…say what’s real.

“The Flaws, the mistake I make – that’s the real me”