Alone in my mind
Is A Silent design
Created to think aloud in its prime time (regularly)
Learning to channel my streaks of imagination
And deCrowd my lazy-Ization
I wanna know and Grow to flow with the talents abroad that I will learn so Pro…
Gathering the needed information to succeed you know?
It take time and patience to really design your mind to free its self and be itself.
That’s the key to wealth.

Wealth is your health
Starting with the mind body and soul.
Cleansed from the head to toe.
You can’t grow if you don’t open the doe.
If great love was preached, we wouldn’t be so breached.(broken) we would be able to teach, each other how to Hop, jump, skip and leap to our own beat.!
So that’s why I seek peace and love so deep bc that’s the only thing that tames me in my sleep.