16 shots. It took 16 shots. He showed no remorse as he stood over a black man’s body. Who? The cop. Van Dyke is his name.  

They say it’s more blacks killing blacks to cover their shame. Guilt. Ignorance. If the gun were turned on them, they would be preaching the opposite. Why so much hate? Why add to the violence? They’re not here to protect us, you and me. The color of our flesh is a crime. They are like a gang. Permission to kill with a badge. A shame.

20 complaints against the officer. Erased footage of the shooting. How can he be innocent? On this earth, we may never see justice. Don’t worry Laquan because on judgment day he will have to answer. I’m not blind to the fact that they take money out the education system for us, at times falsely accuse us, make us hate one another, beat us and kill us.  

We must rise together. Educate. Motivate. Love one another. Black Lives Matter. You Matter. I Matter. Rise black man and woman. Another has been wrongfully murdered. We will not settle for racism or inequality because of our flesh. STAY WOKE!