Flashback Friday: The Lady Of Rage X “Afro Puffs”

    Photo: Hip Hop Wiki - Fandom   The Lady of Rage born Robin Yvette Allen is a rapper, singer, and actress. Her hit single "Afro Puffs" was released in 1994. Her rise to fame came when her vocals were released on several tracks for Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg's albums The Chronic and

Flashback Friday: Michel’le X “Something In My Heart!”

    Photo: YouTube     Michel'le is more than Dr.Dre's ex-girlfriend. She is a talented singer and songwriter. While signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Record label, Michel'le debuted her self-titled album, Michel'le in 1989.The album was produced by Dr.Dre and sold over 1.5 million copies with hit singles "No More Lies," "Nicety, " and "Something

Dr.Dre Addresses Dee Barnes Assault!

    Photo: Bossip   HBO's four-part program, The Defiant Ones documentary takes a look at Dr.Dre's and other musical heavyweights careers and how they paved the way for other superstars to get their just due.   Part two of the documentary had lots of people talking about an incident that goes back to the 90s.

Dr.Dre Donates $10M To New Compton High School!

    Photo: Hip-Hop Golden Age   Dr. Dre has agreed to donate $10 million dollars to the Compton High School to help build a performing arts complex.   According to the LA Times, the Compton Unified School District confirmed Dr.Dre's $10 million dollars contributed to the school’s art program on June 15.   In a statement to LA Times, Dr.

Flashback Friday: In Loving Memory Of Nate Dogg!

    Photo: The Source     The anniversary of Nate Dogg's death was on March 15.  Nate Dogg (Nathaniel Dwayne Hale) passed away at the age of 41 from multiple strokes in 2011.     The West Coast hip-hop pioneer was best known for singing hooks on many hit hip-hop records.     He made his debut in 1992 on the

Is Suge Knight Suing Dr.Dre Over Allegedly Hiring A Hitman To Kill Him?

    Photo: AskKissy.com   Sources report that Suge Knight is suing Dr.Dre (Andre Young) for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill him. According to reports, Suge believes Dr.Dre hired an assassin to kill him over his Beats by Dre deal with Apple.   Knight claims that he and Dr.Dre had a lifetime management deal which entitled Suge