Flashback Friday: Classic Fugees Interview (1996)

    Photo: Billboard   The Fugees (coining their name from the term refugee) are undoubtedly one of the most significant hip-hop groups ever to form. The group combining their sound of soul and reggae released their first project Blunted On Reality in 1994 that failed to take off as the group hoped.   However, on

Flashback Friday: Willie Dee X “5th Ward” (1989)

    Photo: Genius   What's good CeeSoDope readers?   Ok, let me be the first to say that I'm embarrassed that I've never heard of Willie Dee. While watching the Hip-Hop Evolution series on Netflix, his name was brought up in "The Southern Way" episode. I learned that Willie Dee is a member of the

Flashback Friday: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (1983)

    Photo: Medium   Do you know when hip-hop was born? Do you know the "Holy Trinity" of hip-hop? No? It's all good, here's a quick lesson. Hip-hop was born August 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the Bronx.   A man named DJ Kool Herc hosted a back to school jam where he

Flashback Friday: Kid N Play Interview

    Photo: hiphopgoldenage.com   Who doesn't love a house party? One of hip-hop's favorite duos, Kid N Play, put the party in-house party. The group dominated the late 1980s and early 1990s with their House Party film series. The film series helped skyrocket acting careers for celebrities like Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell.

Flashback Friday: Rappers Define Rap (1990)

    Photo: YouTube   What's the definition of rap?   I had a conversation with a film director while attending the Seed & Spark film workshop Saturday, Oct.20. Our topic of discussion, what is the definition of real rap? The director grew up on the sounds of LL Cool J, Slick Rick, KRS-One, and many

Flashback Friday: So So Def Throwbacks

    Photo: DefineARevolution.com   It's So So Def! Flashback Friday is back and this Friday we celebrate the So So Def family.   The company founded by Jermaine Dupri has released classic hits back to back for decades with legendary artists such as Xscape, Jagged Edge, Bow Wow, Da Brat and many more.   The So So Def

Flashback Friday: Is Lil’ Kim Sexualizing Our Children? (1997)

    Photo: COSMOPOLITAN South Africa   It's no doubt that Lil' Kim is a leading lady in hip-hop. She has broken barriers for women in hip-hop to be open about their sexuality and rap about what the fellas rap about in their music. This is shown in the new generation of rap queens like