Tupac Shakur’s High School Love Letters Are Up for Auction

    Photo: TheSource.com   Let's be honest, Tupac Shakur even after death is still one of the most relevant rappers. While some may have a perception of Shakur as just being an outspoken rapper, Shakur had a soft spot, especially for the ladies.   Recently, two love letters he wrote to a high school crush

Flashback Friday: The Notorious B.I.G. X “Juicy”

    Photo: NetsDaily.com   “It's all good baby baby...It was all a dream...I used to read Word Up magazine.” These are the lyrics from the legendary Biggie Smalls’ hit record, “Juicy.” Released in 1994 on Ready To Die, “Juicy” is one of hip-hop’s top classic records.   Also known as Christopher Wallace and The Notorious

Tupac Shakur’s Rape Accuser Speaks Out

    Photo: Caribbean Fever   Years after his fatal death, the woman who accused Tupac Shakur of rape is speaking out.   During an interview with VladTV, Ayanna Jackson sits down and details how she met the legendary rapper in 1993.   “I was in the club. I was having some champagne, and he walked up behind

Tupac Shakur’s Letter To Madonna From Prison Is Up For Auction!

    Photo: Esquire   Tupac's letter to Madonna while he was in prison is about to hit the auction block.   The January 15, 1995, letter explains why he broke up with her, which was because of her race.   Pac states in the letter that dating a black man makes Madonna seem more open and exciting.   "For

‘All Eyez On Me’ Movie Review!

    Photo: Screen Rant   I know I'm a little late lol but here it is ladies and gentlemen. My All Eyez On Me movie review. I think the movie is great as far as getting all the main points of Tupac's life in the film. Overall, I give the film a 7