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We’re Back At It!

We’re Back At It!


Mic-Check One Two, One Two! New hip-hop artists are rising out of new Atlanta left and right. With so much talent emerging, one shouldn’t be surprised that many new artists are trying to pursue careers in the music industry. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing another new artist from Atlanta. His stage name is King Zeuq.

Zeuq is an aspiring hip-hop artist. He has been working hard to get his name and talent notice by many. From music videos, interviews, writing songs, Zeuq has the foundation of a hardworking artist. These are the type of skills that an artist needs to show consistency and build a long-lasting empire. Zeuq has a unique style of his own while staying true to his East Atlanta roots.

When coming up with the concept of his music and music videos; King Zeuq says it’s the vibe that he is feeling and the things that he has to go through. By listening to his music, one can tell that he is defiantly influenced by other established artists such as Young Thug and Party Next Door. He explains the difficulties of being a new artist in Atlanta is that everybody is trying to do the same thing instead of bringing something unique and intriguing to the table.

His plans to achieving longevity and making it into the music industry are giving back and giving the public music that they can vibe to. I admire his ambition and willing to give the public a unique and different sound to hip-hop music. He believes that as long as his family is doing well then, that is all that matters to him. As far as his support system goes he quoted with his famous slogan “I fuck with who fuck with me.” Make sure you check out King Zeuq’s music on YouTube and follow him on Instagram. 


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