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Hard Lessons!



On Thursday, Dec. 3, I was invited to a listening party at Defoor Centre. The artist name is Jas, and she has finally released her new EP “Hard Lessons.” The atmosphere of the listening party was relaxing with dim lights, soothing music, and comfortable couches. Close friends, family, and press filled the seats as everyone chatted and waited patiently for Jas to hit the stage.

I made my way up to the front and before I knew it Jas was finally performing her EP. The EP consisted of four songs which included “The Intro,” “Make Me Sick,” “Never Change,” & “It Gets Better.” Each song was sung beautifully. You can see the overwhelming joy as she thanked everyone who came to see her after each song. We had a chance to do the interview in a private area. When asked why she decided to name her EP “Hard Lessons,” she stated, “Because I learned a lot of hard lessons these past few months. I learned so much stuff, and I am appreciative of all of it because it taught me so much and I’ve always said hard lessons are the best ones.”  

Jas answered each question vibrantly and with excitement. Dressed in an all-black jumpsuit and high heels, all eyes were on Jas as people constantly gathered around her to get hugs and take pictures when her performance was over.

I could not control my excitement, for her EP was simply amazing. However, there was a lot of tough work when it came to putting the event together and recording the EP. Jas stated some of the challenges when it came to creating her EP. She says, “Girl… money, money was a challenge. I was broke trying to put this together. This was my baby, and I wanted to put something together that people will love, and I love. I’m also in school, so I had to balance time, school, studio, and working a 9 to 5 job.” Jas also mentions that it is a struggle being an independent artist, but she loves every minute of it.

Out of the four songs on the EP Jas says her favorite was “Never Change.” She states the reason for this was because she put the most into it and wrote it in about 10 minutes! That song was inspired by what she was feeling at the time. My personal favorite was “Make Me Sick.” This song was upbeat and fun which fits my personality. Her voice is smooth and “Make Me Sick” would be great for airplay on the radio.   

Jas is a humble and talented artist. You can follow her on Instagram and check out her sound cloud to hear her new EP. You won’t be disappointed. Great Job Jas! 





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