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A Round of Applause for Felixx!



Felixx is a talented upcoming artist who has worked with household names in the music industry like Jazze Pha and has performed at the Revolt Music Conference in front of major labels. An alumni of Clark Atlanta University, Felixx hopes to continue his path of music and strive for success. Check out the dope interview below as Felixx discusses being an independent artist, working with Jazze Pha, his EP Playlist, and much more.



Sierra: How hard is it being an independent artist?


Felixx: I’ve been blessed because I’m working with somebody that’s moving. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not much of a struggle when you have God in the situation for me personally, and you’re working with people that know what they’re doing. Also, taking all of your failures as they’re not failures. There also wins because you learn from them, so I feel it’ll become a struggle for anybody.


Anything can become a struggle if you’re not always succeeding at the point that you would like to and you’re not growing from it, so because we’re growing from every situation, I can say there isn’t too much of a struggle, and I just thank God for that.


Sierra: So what artists have you worked with or would like to work with in the near future?


Felixx: I’ve done some work with Mase. Being in this studio with him for me was so next level because writing with him it was fluent. We were doing three or four songs a night, so that was a dope experience. Jazze Pha, a little bit of artist-producer, but working with him was a dope experience as well. I guess that I would like to work with, God rest his soul, Prince, of course. I would have loved to have worked with Prince.


Sierra: Everybody loves Prince.


Felixx: But I think Pharrell and Miguel, Sampha, those are some kinds of key people. Even Sita. She’s an amazing, phenomenal writer.


Sierra: Speaking of Jazze Pha, what was that moment like when you met him and how did you guys connect in the studio?


Felixx: It was honestly like a moment of euphoria, or just like realizing everything that you’d been working towards, you’ve started working with the top people in the industry. It was dope. He’s a dope producer, great energy. We worked on a few records. He’s kind of been supportive. He actually came out to a few shows I did, R&B Untapped, him and Sammy have been working close together, so they came out, but it was dope.


Sierra: Okay, let’s talk about Scooter Braun. He actually called you out at the Revolt Music Conference, tells you to come on stage. What was that moment like?


Felixx: To me that’s once again a perfect example of preparation meets opportunity. It happened playfully because I was supposed to be asking a question, but he was like, “Oh no. You’re talking a lot of shit. Let’s see what you can do and get on stage.” I was like, “Okay,” and jumped on stage, did a back flip, started singing.


But it was everything leading up until that moment that solidified, obviously with me and my manager because we worked so hard on the artist development piece that, as an artist, you have to be able to seize the moment, so if it had not been for that preparation, leading up until that day, I don’t know where that would have gone.


But thank God, like I said, I work with a team of people that know what they’re doing and are helping shape and mold me as an artist, so it was one of those pivotal moments where we were just like, “We got this. We cool. We can make stuff happen.” It was dope.


Sierra: You’re EP Playlist, “The One,” “Headboard,” “Heartbeat.” Dope songs, a little bit upbeat, slow at the same time. How do you come up with your music? How do you decide what song goes on the EP?


Felixx: I think anytime is definitely the vibe. We just cut a few records and a bunch of work on a lot of things, get in a real creative space and try to just come out with the best vibe as possible, I guess that would be the way to describe it, but I think with these songs, they flow for me. Basically, as the playlist is the idea was these are songs that you put on a date night playlist. All those songs for me flow. They were on one playlist, so that’s how we came up with the project.


Sierra: You shot the video for “The One.” When can fans expect that?


Felixx: You know what? Be sure to follow me online, and you will see that very soon.


Sierra: Where can fans find you?


Felixx: You can find me on everything at Felixx Music,, SoundCloud link, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of that.


Sierra: Before you go, can you also sing a snippet from one of your EPs? Let your fans see the marvelous.


Felixx: I’ll give you “Applause,” we were talking about the “Applause” video.


Instagram: FelixxMusic
YouTube: Felixx Thompson



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