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Flashback Friday: Celebrating The Godmother of Hip-Hop, Sylvia Robinson



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I may sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about hip-hop, but I’ll repeat this, hip-hop has always been a male-dominated business, and that is no secret. However, women have contributed to the sound of hip-hop since it was birth in New York City.


From Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte, and the list goes on; females know how to rock the mic just like the fellas.


When I fell in love with hip-hop at 12-years-old, I didn’t realize that women played such a vital role in the sound that is so popular. I now know that women have played such an essential part of why hip-hop is dominating the music industry today.


While watching Netflix’s original “Hip-Hop Evolution” documentary series, I first heard the name, Sylvia Robinson.


Who is that you may ask? Robinson was a singer, songwriter, and formed the legendary hip-hop group Sugarhill Gang. In the late 1960s, when she and her husband founded All Platinum Records, she was one of the few women producing records in any genre. They also founded Sugar Hill Records in 1979.


Robinson is also the Godmother of Hip-Hop, and she made the first successful commercial rap record recording with the group.


Can you guess the record? I’ll give you a hint.


I said hip-hop the hippie the hippie
To the hip hip hop and you don’t stop
The rock it to the bang bang boogie
Say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat


That’s right folks, “Rappers Delight” help skyrocket hip-hop to the masses when the record released in 1979.



Unfortunately, Robinson passed at the age of 75 in Sep.2011 of congestive heart failure after being in a coma.


CeeSoDope would like to celebrate the life of the Godmother of Hip-Hop for giving me hope that I too can have a massive impact on hip-hop’s domination in music.


As a blogger and journalist, still to this day, I haven’t met a better storyteller than hip-hop.


Check out this short bio video on the late and great Godmother of Hip-Hop.



I would love to see a biopic honoring her legacy and contribution to music. Robinson was a BOSS!




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