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Recap: Ruff Endz Halloween Masquerade Performance



Happy Halloween CeeSoDope readers!


While some of you plan to step out tonight in your most fly Halloween costume, I have a special Halloween surprise for you guys. R&B duo Ruff Endz is back on the music scene with their new album, Soul Brothers.


The R&B legends are best known for hits such as “No More,” and “Someone To Love You.”




Group members David Chance and Dante Jordan celebrated their return to the music scene Wednesday, Oct.24 at the W Hotel with an intimate performance and Q & A.


Attendees came dressed in their best Halloween masquerade theme outfit and to enjoy great music.


Jordan expressed his thoughts being back on the music scene.


“It feels amazing, and everything happens for a reason,” Jordan said.


According to Jordan, the riots in Baltimore due to the death of Freddie Gray played a vital role as to why the duo decided to create the album.


“That’s what brought us together, and it feels great,” Jordan adds.


Chance says that the album is “rated p for positive.”



With records such as “Virtuous Woman,” “Scandal,” and “Remarkable,” there is something for everyone to enjoy listening to Soul Brothers.


Check out the recap of the performance below:




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