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Comedian Kway Rogers talks “Titi Do You Love Me?” Reality Show!



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What’s good CeeSoDope readers? Now we all know, I love hip-hop, but when it comes to feature pieces, I like to switch it up now and then. Now, if you’re into reality television especially reality dating shows then “Titi Do You Love Me?” is not one that you want to miss.


Like the VH1 hit shows “Flavor of Love,” and “I Love New York,” “Titi Do You Love Me?” is the hilarious dating show created by comedian Kwaylon Rogers.



With over 3 million followers on Instagram, Rogers is an internet sensation with follows from the likes of Rihanna, Tyler Perry, and Kylie Jenner. The show is an original Zeus network series and will premiere Sunday, Nov.4.


Rogers has made a name for himself with his character Titi, and on the seven-episode series, several men will compete for the love of Titi.


In an exclusive interview with CeeSoDope, Rogers talks how the “Titi Do You Love Me?” show came about, appearing in Janet Jackson’s #MadeForNow video challenge, the controversy that comes with playing the character Titi, and more.


Check it out:


1) How did you get into comedy?

I was always a fan of Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, and Jamie Foxx. The way that they made people feel by laughter, I wanted to do the same thing.


2) Can you explain how the character “Titi” was created?

My sister and I were doing a video; I asked her what would I name my character, she was like “Titi.” Social media loved it, so my sister and my fans are why Titi exists.


3) How did the show “Titi Do You Love Me?” come about?

Zeus, a digital network approached me about wanting to work with me. I felt like the digital space was missing an urban dating show. After pitching the idea, the network loved it, and we set off to create magic. The funny thing is, once I stepped in the house, it instantly felt like a competition.


4) What can your fans expect from the show?

Fans can expect the unexpected. I was watching the playback and even I was like “YOOOOOO, no Titi didn’t. I don’t even remember that”. Its definitely a must watch. I think my fans will be very pleased.


5) Do you ever have to deal with backlash due to the character you portray? If so, why?

Yes, but I don’t give that any energy. Negative energy scares the bag away. My character is relatable and makes people laugh, smile and be happy. It’s a comedy. It’s art. Besides, I do it for the fans.


6) How did you end up on Janet Jackson’s #MadeForNow challenge video?

I met Janet Jackson at the Billboard Awards 2018. She told me she was a huge fan of my work. That was honestly enough; I was gassed. A couple of weeks later, her Vice President, Joey Harris called me and said Janet wants to do a video with me. I was like “Hell Yea.” My director and I came up with a treatment, and the rest was history. It was a no-brainer to use #MadeForNow in the video honoring her brother, Michael Jackson.



7) ) Where do you see your career in comedy in the next three to five years?

I see myself being a comedic mogul. More directing and producing. I see myself with a studio to teach master classes and being like Tyler Perry.


8) What has been your biggest reward since having a career in comedy?

The biggest reward is being able to touch people. Laughter is the key to happiness. The fact that I make people happy and get paid to do it. I feel blessed as heck.


9) What opportunities do you hope arise from the show?

I want people to like it. After all, I worked hard on it, and it was to give my followers longer content. It’ll be dope to see a major network interest in Titi after this.


10) Besides the show, are you working on any new projects?

I’m doing something really special for Christmas.


Be sure to tune in to “Titi Do You Love Me?” on the Zeus Network.



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