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Dream Doll talks taking a break from reality television to focus on music



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Reality star Dream Doll is known for hit television shows such as “The Bad Girls Club” Season 16 and “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 8. However, the New York native is pushing to remove the reputation of just being a reality star. Dream Doll is using the platform of reality television to promote her real passion, music.


Her passion for music came from doing freestyles in college. Quickly, she realized that pushing toward her dreams required investments and sacrifices. This came after working with one of New York’s hottest DJ’s, DJ Self.


“A competition came about, and I was like, Yo, I make music. He was like let me hear your records. I said I don’t have any records,” Dream Doll said.


“He told me to bring him back a song. I went to Philly, and then I met up with a producer named Murrille, and we recorded “Everything Nice,” and that’s been my biggest record thus far,” she adds.



So far, Dream Doll has been able to collaborate with the one and only Lil Kim. The rising musician says she had to put her pride to the side to ask Lil Kim for a collaboration.


“It was like she can say yes or no, and she said yes. I sent her the record, and she sent me back her verse,” Dream Doll said.



The two rap divas are currently working on the video for “Funeral.”


Dream Doll is continuing to work on new projects including a film. She just might be pushing toward her goal of shedding the title of reality star seeing that she won’t be returning to “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 9, which airs tonight on VH1.


“Right now, I’m trying to pause on reality television,” Dream Doll said. “I want my craft to be taken seriously because it’s easy for you to get labeled when you’re doing television and music.”


Despite not returning to the show, Dream Doll believes that LHHNYC has helped her leveraged her music career.


“It has helped me a lot with grasping music listeners and fans,” she said. “Even the first day that my music aired on LHHNYC, it hit 30,000 streams.”


Dream Doll has been able to perform at Powerhouse, a popular music concert in NYC after being seen on the show.


Still, the “Funeral” rapper faces misconceptions from doing reality television including people accusing her of receiving handouts from DJ Self.


“Everybody thinks that I get a hand because I work with DJ Self,” Dream Doll said. “Any stage or any feature, I do myself. Nobody got me to the Powerhouse stage.”


Dream Doll also mentions coming off a tour that she spent $30,000 to push her radio promo, but it was well worth the investment.


Working on high goals for herself, Dream Doll has put the past behind her as well as her ongoing feud with former LHHNYC co-star Mariah Lynn.


“We both realized that we’re stronger together than against each other,” Dream Doll said.



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